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February 8, 2018

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Contest: Naming our two new cows

March 16, 2018

In a world full of people who love Angus cows, sometimes we get asked why we have Herefords also.  Well for starters, there is just a bit of crazy in the Angus breed. We’ve had some really friendly, docile Angus cows, but we’ve had wayyyy more crazy. Like your ex-girlfriend’s mother kind of crazy.  


Probably the best example I have of this was winter 2010 when Aaron and dad were sorting cows. A crazy young Angus cow kicked Keith in the leg and broke it. I don’t think that he considers that a fond memory.


It also helps that our favorite cow, Ruby, was mostly Hereford.  An Amish farmer dropped her off in the office at our farm as an unwanted, orphaned calf. 

She wasn't his cow, but he wanted to make sure she found a good home.

After raising and bottle feeding her, she became the friendliest and best momma cow we have ever owned.  She actually never lost a calf!


One of our goals this year is to expand our beef herd, so when we found two bred Hereford cows for sale in Dundee (about an hour Southwest of us) we decided it was worth the trip to go look!  We’ve found that the quality of meat is equal to that of an Angus; plus it adds a little sanity to our herd.


Obviously I “fall in love” with every animal I meet and was immediately convinced that we needed to bring them home. I’ll spare you the long, dramatic details of that adventure.


And I wish I could get a good picture, but one of them is grumpy…


Right now, our two new, unnamed cows are in a separate barn in a separate pen.  It’s always best to keep them separate from the rest of the herd for a couple of weeks to make sure that they do not have any illnesses.  Plus it was really cold the night we brought the home, and I wanted to keep them warm :)


When I was a little girl my grandma used to make blankets for our new calves to keep them warm. I thought about doing that also, but Danny assured me it was unnecessary and a whole different level of crazy.


By the time they are ready to join the other momma cows the weather should be warm enough to let them out into the big pasture to graze throughout the warmer months of the year.


Now we’re having a contest to name these two new girls.  By leaving a comment on our cow post on either Instagram or Facebook you can be entered to win a $10 Schrader Farms Meat Market gift card! We will choose one winner from each Instagram and Facebook on Saturday night! Good luck :)


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