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March 6, 2018

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Meet Our Team Members

February 8, 2018

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Meet Our Team Members

February 8, 2018

Harvest Room


Jeremy (left) and Juanita (right) oversee harvesting all of our beef, pork, and lambs (we only process lamb for customers). We are Animal Welfare Approved and have a USDA Inspector present for the entire process. 


Cutting Room

Toga Tony (left), Chelsie (middle), and Kara (right) oversee our cutting room. They handle all of our raw products and cut the most tender and amazing steaks!


Wrapping Room

Tracey (left) and Abbie (right) work in our raw product wrapping room. 

A fun fact for you - Tracey and I met briefly in college. Her parents have become great friends with Keith and Sue, and we reconnected after she began working at our meat shop recently. Also, she has a Bernese Mountain dog - my absolute favorite dog breed!



Maxine (left), Will (middle), and Jake (right) oversee our entire smokehouse. They work at developing new products and recipes, creating and making the products, and then wrapping and labeling them for you.  They're extremely talented!


Office Manager

 Many of you probably recognize Chris as the one who really knows what's going on! She oversees the retail sales and also keeps everyone sane by managing all of the office work. If you have a question, Chris is the one to ask!


Cleaning Champion

Bre faithfully cleans our entire building every. single. day. (except Sunday). One of our core values when opening Schrader Farms was to create a CLEAN facility where customers could feel confident in the quality of the meat they were purchasing. Bre plays a huge role in meeting this expectation!


Around the Meat Shop



We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our team members who work extremely hard at making high quality meat products for our customers. They're all hardworking, talented, and so supportive of each other. What more could you want out of your team?!





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