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Meet Our Team Members

February 8, 2018

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Meet the Family!

January 5, 2018

Everything we do centers around family. Literally.  Some people have nicknamed our town “Schraderville” because we all live so close to each other.  Our close proximity makes it easy for us to get together for meals, and we get together a LOT!


Here’s an example…


On Tuesdays we have cousin dinner. We rotate homes and each week a different cousin Hosts. Fridays we sometimes get together for pizza. And the whole family goes to Grandma Schrader’s house on Saturday morning for pancakes.


Yes, our family events always center around food.  Doesn't everyone’s?


Eating together is great for creating unforgettable memories - like the time Kara asked me to pass her some chicken. I threw a chicken tender across the table. She looked up just in time and caught it in her mouth! No, that is not normal behavior at our house. I have no idea what got into me.


Now, let me introduce you to the fam bam - 


 From left to right: Danny, Michelle, Abbie, Aaron, Kara, Sue, and Keith


Keith was born on a dairy farm in Red Hook, New York.  Well he wasn’t actually born ON the dairy farm, but Gram and Gramps Schrader owned a dairy farm at the time, so you know what I mean…


In 1976, Gramps decided that crop farming would better suit his family, so they moved West to Romulus.  Keith was just as passionate about crop farming as Gramps, and decided to continue farming his land after he retired.


After Keith and Sue married and began raising a family, Keith wanted to provide them with quality meat and purchased his first two beef cows, Salt and Pepper.


Keith continues to crop farm and raise beef while also running the meat market. His trusty companion and sidekick, Cricket the Black Lab, is always there to help out.


Sue and Keith met at the local church’s youth group while in high school.  Sue attended Houghton College and then married Keith after graduation in June 1983.


Sue is a teacher at our local elementary school by day and works at the meat shop by night.  She helps organize all of the bookwork and oversees the retail store.  


Sue makes the most delicious pie and bread and beef roast and chocolate chip cookies and brownies and chicken parm. She’s just a really, really great cook!


Can you see why we like to eat so much?!


Here's an Oldie But a goodie! This is a picture of the Schrader kids from awhile back.

From Left to Right: Aaron, Kara, Abbie, and Danny 


Aaron is Keith and Sue’s eldest son. That word eldest makes him seem so old and wise! After graduating from high school, he attended SUNY Cobleskill for Agricultural Engineering.  Now, Aaron owns and operates his own business called AKS Farm Equipment Repair. 


Aaron also helps his dad with field work during busy seasons on the farm.  His favorite part of farming is running the combine during harvest. He has never actually said this, but we’ve pretty much figured it out. Although, I did run over a very large stick while combing soybeans once. Okay, okay it was a borderline log. After watching all of his facial expressions at the noises the combine made as the stick went through, maybe he just doesn't like it when I go anywhere near it? Hmmm. I’ll have to consider that.


Also, this is Skeeter. Cricket’s older and much wiser brother.



Kara is the plant manager at the meat market. She is responsible for making sure everything runs efficiently and oversees all of the USDA regulations. Kara is a boss.  Like she’s literally THE BOSS, but she’s also a boss. That probably only makes sense to me. 


Kara also attended Houghton College like her mom.  She’s a master soccer player and basketball player and softball player.  Kara and I are pals.


Danny and Michelle (me) met while attending SUNY Cobleskill and married soon after graduating in 2015. We have one son, Levi. Danny works off the farm as a seed salesman and crop consultant, but he comes home to help on the farm when it gets really busy.



Levi spends most of his time growing and entertaining us. Levi does not spend a lot of time sleeping.


Aunt Abbie and Levi


Abbie is the baby of the family.  She runs the wrapping room at the meat shop which includes vacuum sealing, labeling,  boxing, and freezing all of the meat.  


Abbie inherited her mom’s master cooking and baking skills. She also loves photography and takes most of the pictures you see of the farm and family. Abbie and I are also pals.

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