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Meet Our Team Members

February 8, 2018

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10 Exciting Things that Happened in 2017 at Schrader Farms

December 29, 2017

Welcome to the Schrader Farms Blog!


I’m so excited to share stories with you about life around the farm and meat shop.

I feel like I should start by introducing myself. My name is Michelle, and I’ve been part of the Schrader family for five years.


This is my husband, Danny Schrader, and me with our son Levi. Isn’t he the cutest eight month old? 




Here are the ten most exciting things that happened at Schrader Farms in 2017…that I can remember. Mom brain is a real struggle.


1.    We bought a new planter

Early this year we decided to experiment with some different farming techniques which required us to purchase a newer/different planter. 


Danny is an agronomist (a fancy word for a college educated crop farmer), and he’s obsessed with soil health. Our new planter allows us to plant crops without plowing or tilling the land.


It’s called a no-till planter and helps reduce soil erosion - that’s a good thing!

There is so much research and science that goes into agriculture. It truly amazes me how much farmers and ranchers have to learn and know. The other day they asked me about logarithms!




2.    Our family grew!

Levi was born on April 27th this year.


He is the greatest joy and blessing we have ever experienced. He is outgoing and energetic and strong-willed and independent.  I’m not sure where he got those last two from, definitely not his mother haha.



Levi is solely representing the 4th generation of Schrader farmers all by his lonesome. But I think he is loving all of the attention!


3.    We switched to raising GMO free corn.

Several local farms including ours decided to follow market trends this year and raise GMO free corn.


Cayuga County is the leading supplier for milk in New York State. It is home to several large dairies, and it just so happens to be our neighboring county to the east. We do not sell our grain directly to these farms, but that is usually where it ends up.




4.    We started making some really delicious new products.

I think I’ll just show you a picture of the deliciousness.




This pepperoni is the bomb… But the salami and dried Italian sausage aren’t bad either!


5.    We added new team members at the meat shop.

Every team within the meat shop has grown! We have new team members harvesting, cutting and wrapping, and running the smokehouse.  They’re all so hardworking and talented!


6.    We had some amazing corn yields.

There is a saying in farming, “A dry year will scare you, but a wet year will starve you.” This year was one of the wettest planting seasons we’ve ever seen. What should’ve starved us ended up giving us the highest average corn yield we’ve ever had.




7.    We processed venison.

Two of our new team members started a side hustle processing venison. They made all sorts of stuff like venison snack sticks, jerky, bologna, hotdogs, and sausage.

We’ll keep you updated if they plan to do it again this year. 


8.    We got some fancy new trucks!

None of these trucks are actually brand new, but two of them are newer than the third. Can you guess which ones?

The truck in the middle is named Jeff after my uncle. We haven’t told him yet. Do you think that naming your vehicle after someone is just as emotional and touching as naming your kid after them? I hope so.


9.    Aaron turned old!

And by old I mean 30. He was born in like the 80’s or something.  Do you want to see a picture of what he looked like when he was young?


He doesn’t know that I posted this.


10.    We started some new projects that we can’t wait to share!

I wish that I could give you a hint, but I just don’t think that it’s allowed. Shucks!


Instead, I’ll just show you another picture of Levi because he’s so stinkin’ cute!



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