Reduced Sausage Prices

We welcome Rich Siclare to our team at Schrader Farms! Rich has been making sausage for over 55 years and has brought his renowned hot and sweet sausage recipes to Schrader Farms.

New Sausage Prices:

Bulk: $3.20

Links: $3.80

Only The BEST Make the Cut!

Schrader Farms Meat Market is a small, home-town meat processing facility in Romulus, NY.  A family owned business founded by Keith and Sue Schrader in 2012, the business began as a way to process and market their farm-raised beef.  It quickly grew into a facility where other farmers can get their meat processed under USDA inspection.  Our mission is to provide our customers with an honest, reliable, and trustworthy service and to give back to the community by providing quality meat at an affordable price.

USDA Inspected and Animal Welfare Approved

Schrader Farms Meat Market is a USDA inspected facility, the highest level of government inspection that a meat processor can obtain. We are held to a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Regulations require our facility to be so clean that bacteria have nearly no chance of being introduced into your food. Our facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the conclusion of every business day, and testing is performed regularly to ensure that our sanitary procedures are effective.

Following a review on February 20, 2014, Schrader Farms Meat Market is recommended by Animal Welfare Approved for the processing of beef cattle from AWA farms.  This means that animals need to be healthy and treated humanely on the farm and also in our facility.

Because of these stringent regulations and standards you can be sure that meat from Schrader Farms Meat Market is safe and trustworthy. If you are looking for a source for locally grown and processed meat, take a drive to Schrader Farms Meat market today. It’s worth the trip!

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